All the helmets above comes with EEC 22.05 & sizes  above are: XSS, to XXL (53 to 61cms) Return to Menu

CAN V500

Colours: Black, White, Silver, Matt Black

CAN V190 & V190 RAGE

CAN V210 Bluetooth

This helmet has everything included above except what is in yellow.

DUCHINNI D619 flip

Colours: Black, White, Silver

Helmets and Headwear Head & Neck Garments

Display for 12in1 Multifunctional Headwear

100% Polyester Microfibre

Imitation Multi Purpose Combo Clava

100 % Polyester

Size: One Size

Bandana and Zandanas in 100% Cotton

Sculls, Tribal, Scull & Crossbones, Dragon, Flames, Pirates.

Colours Vary on type.

The Lazer Dragon helmet

Technopolymer injected

comfortable interior

scratch resistant visor

quick release buckle.

Colour: Matt Black


Various types available

Standard or comfort fit compatible with helmets or not